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Perspective on ERCOT Implementation of ORDC

I have to admit that I did not particularly enjoy my history classes in school. For me, there was always too much talk about what people were doing, when what I really wanted to know was what they were thinking. I had the same reaction last month while attending an...

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An REP Perspective on a Capacity Market

Talk of creating a capacity market in ERCOT, for the moment, seems to have died down. According to the news, ERCOT has a new way to forecast load, so things will not get bad quite as soon as we all thought. According to other news, many in authority in Austin now...

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Finding the Question that Demand Response can Answer

Demand Response (DR) is a simple enough concept: reducing load serves the same purpose as increasing generation when you are balancing the grid. Figuring out the economics of using DR in real time electric markets is unfortunately not so simple. This is particularly...

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A Little Bit of Sunshine

You might not normally expect to find inspiration when reviewing the latest series of comments filed under PUC Docket 40000, the Commission Proceeding to Ensure Resource Adequacy in Texas. But, we actually found some when reviewing the comments filed earlier this...

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